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AquaSolix Corporation provides people at home and work with peace-of-mind access to safe, affordable, and high-quality water. SafeLight™ water treatment products are specifically designed to fill this need, by protecting people where their water enters their living and working spaces. Our motto is: “Access to safe water for all!”  AquaSolix creates value for its customers and investors through innovations in UV light generation and advanced pulsed power technologies. We are creating the next generation of environmentally and socially conscientious water remediation technology - thereby creating a better world for our children.

AquaSolix Corp.
1465 Sandhill Rd., Ste 1024
Chandler, NC 28715

Phone: 828-354-4126

Web: http://www.aquasolix.com

eMail: Bob@aquasolix.com

Key Search Terms
Ultraviolet light, water purification, pathogen detection