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Draka Comteq provides optical fiber cabling and connectivity solutions for network operators, installers and enterprises to deliver broadband services. We enable our clients to deploy simple, cost-effective broadband fiber infrastructure that stands the tests of time. For over 90 years, Draka has delivered real world cabling solutions - keeping our customers and their customers a step ahead.

Draka Comteq is one of the world's largest optical fiber producers, with more than 25 million miles of fiber deployed in North America alone. A jointly owned company of Draka and Alcatel-Lucent, Draka Comteq leverages its leadership in optical fiber technology, cabling solutions and applications expertise to bring value to our customers' broadband infrastructure.

Draka Comteq | Americas
2512 Penny Road
Claremont, NC 28610

Phone: 800.879.9862

International: 828.459.9787

Web: http://www.drakacomteq.us/ | www.drakafibre.com

Email: sales@drakacomteq.us