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Founded in 2004, ImagineOptix ("IO") is a technology development and licensing company. IO is commercializing a patented thin-film polarizing beamsplitter or polarization grating ("PG") technology called HoloBrightTM.  IO is initially applying PGs to video projector devices, enabling our partners to build the world's smallest, lowest cost and most battery efficient projectors which will eventually be imbedded in many consumer electronics devices such as cell phones and laptops.  HoloBrightTM, a platform technology, will also revolutionize telecommunications markets, other optical consumer electronics markets, as well as military and industrial equipment markets.

7202 Doverton Ct.
Raleigh, NC 28615

Phone:   919-757-4945

Web: http://www.imagineoptix.com

eMail: info@imagineoptix.com


Key Search Terms
Displays; Silicon-based imaging; Liquid Crystal on Silicon; Projection Imaging