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Precision Optics & Telecommunication – Leybold Optics markets a wide variety of standard and custom products for coatings with sophisticated specifications in the precision optics field. All systems are based on our field proven APS technology (Advanced Plasma Source), which allows depositing of ultra-dense and shift-free coatings.

Precision optics applications include anti-reflection coatings, infrared filters, UV reflectors and filters, laser mirrors, laser protection filters, dichroic filters, heat-reflection coatings, cold light mirrors, beam splitters, band pass filters and line filters.

Telecommunication applications include coatings for multi cavity filters (100 GHz (3 and 4 cavity) and 50 GHz).

Reflection and Protection – Leybold Optics metallic and scratch-resistant vacuum coating processes can add value to molded parts of plastic, metal, glass or ceramic using evaporation, sputtering or plasma polymerization technology. Even geometrically complicated substrates can be coated evenly using the Leybold DynaMet multi-chamber sputtering systems or the AluMet single chamber evaporation system.

Ophthalmics and Health – Eyeglass lenses should be light, scratch resistant, durable and, above all, glare free. Leybold Optics offers the complete lab solution including its newly developed Brilliant process. The Brilliant process has been rated with the top score of 4.79 by independent Colts laboratory for its excellent properties (low reflectance, high adhesion, high scratch resistance, high corrosion resistance, high overall durability).

Leybold Optics USA, Inc.
539 James Jackson Ave.
Cary, NC 27513

Phone:   919-657-7100

Web: http://www.leyboldoptics.com/

eMail: Tobias.haecker@leyboldoptics.com

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