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US Conec, Ltd. started in 1992 to develop, manufacture, and market high density optical interconnect products. Facilities are in Hickory, NC, near Charlotte and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Initially focusing on high precision molded and metal components for MT-style multi-fiber ferrules, the company has since developed several complementary product lines including the MTP® Connector family and contract design services for precision packaging of optical components.  Today high density fiber interconnection components from US Conec enable a variety of new high speed equipment from private network servers/SAN/LAN and public IP network routers/switches/OADM to emerging security, medical diagnostic, and video applications.

Products include: MT-style multi-fiber ferrules, Elite® low loss ferrules, MTP® connector family for data center and building cable systems, customer specified molded or machined parts for active module interfaces, Concours® flexible optical circuits, and optical connector installation and cleaning equipment.

US Conec Ltd.
1555 4th Ave. SE
PO Box 2306
Hickory, North Carolina 28603-2306
Phone: 828-323-8883
Toll Free: 1-800-769-0944
Fax: 828-326-8808

Web: www.usconec.com

eMail: customerservice@usconec.com

Job Postings: http://www.usconec.com/pages/company/career/careerfrm.html