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UNC Charlotte Capabilities Summary

University: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Principal Role of UNC Charlotte in the CPC: 

The Center provides a number of user facilities to support both faculty and their students in the Ph.D. Optical Science and Engineering program, as well as providing a resource to regional industry.  The Center’s strengths are in three areas, i) the design and fabrication of micro and nano optical components and devices and their integration, ii) high power fiber and semiconductor lasers and LEDs and iii) theoretical and experimental work in sensing and imaging.

Specialties at UNC Charlotte:

The Center has a complete fabrication suite for complex micro- and nano-devices, including wafer spin coating, lithographic exposure, developing facilities, etching, and thin film deposition. The lab also includes a wide variety of tools for device metrology and characterization (see website equipment manager).   Capabilities can be summarized as:

i) lithography, etching, deposition and packaging
ii) metrology (interferometery, AFMs, SEMs, ellipsometer, X-ray etc)
iii) photonic component and device performance test and measurement
iv) numerical modeling of electromagnetic components and systems
v) imaging capabilities (adaptive optics, OCT, single molecule)

Tools include: a) Raith 150™ Electron beam lithography tool, b) Molecular Imprints Imprio 100™ is a nanoreplication tool, c) Quintel 4000 and 7000 series contact and proximity UV mask aligners, d) GCA 5X UV reduction step and repeat (stepper) projection system, e) STS Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) System, f) STS Advanced Silicon Etcher (ASE), STS Advanced Oxide Etcher (AOE), STS III-V Etcher, and Unaxis Versaline™ provide a complete suite of etch capabilities.

Resource Facts:

  1. Photonics-based square footage: Grigg Hall is 90,000 square feet including user facilities, laboratories and 4 classrooms and partner space.

  2. 25 optics faculty plus several affiliated faculty (see website) and six staff members.

  3. Invested capital: equipment assets increased over $12M since 2003.

  4. External research grants ~ $5M in new funding per year

Primary Point of Contact: Dr. Mike Fiddy, mafiddy@uncc.edu ;  704 687 8594

Alternate Point of Contact: Scott Williams,  Laboratory and Project Manager,  scotwill@uncc.edu;  704 687 8126


UNC Charlotte: http://uncc.edu/

The Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications: