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May. 19, 2009
Photonics Technician Employment in the United States: An Industry Survey of Current and Future Demand in 2009 for Education and Training Programs
...read fulll tech emplyment report

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April 23, 2008
Industry Clamoring For CCCC Laser Grads
Article published by My Daily Record illuminates Laser Graduates


July 7, 2007
The News & Observer published an article in their business section on July 7, 2007 titled “Photonics Gets Another Try” that discusses photonics and CPC. You can view the article at the following URL:

http://www.newsobser ver.com/print/saturday /business/story/6296 00.html


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Presentation of the August 14
Formal CPC Project Rollout
Broadcast system wide via Video Conferencing

CPC August 14, 2007
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